The curious case of zomato IPO | 4 Reasons why zomato IPO is a new digital revolution

Just 10-15 years ago, when everyone needs to travel to the hotel and they needed to wait in the hotels to get their orders placed and their food delivered to them after 40-45 mins of struggle, who might have thought that, all you need to do is press 2-3  clicks and your favorite food will be delivered to you, in your bedroom, that too in 20-25 mins only

The tech companies are watching the news with utmost curiosity with the launch of zomato IPO, which’s the leading food delivery company in India, it’s because of so many reasons apart from just rivalries. lets us know one by one what are all the important issues associates with just one IPO but what makes this just one IPO is special for the Indian tech world.

  1. First fully digital technology driven IPO :

The zomato IPO comes with many new tech stories to the world’s tech companies, this is because it’s going to be the first product-based and completely digital and data-driven company in India, and tech company IPO than many machinery and machinery based companies and their IPO in India and to the world.

  1. The rise against the problems.

From the balance sheets of the zomato who’s competing against swiggy in the Indian market, it is clearly seen that it a loss-making company for the last two years on average. But some bad times come with some great glories, and the acronym came true for zomato as it was able to compensate most of their losses during the corona pandemic period.

All the people were in their homes, all the time, so the home deliveries surge suddenly and this way the company which was struggling once from losses is now reaping their hard work results from huge home delivery demands during the corona pandemic period.

  1. Hope is the new ultimatum 

Digitalization is the real and helpful tool for all the world in the 21st century as this is suede by the zomato team very well, so in spite of so many hurdles they every able to get to funding from so many international investors like Tiger Global, Temasek, Baillie Gifford, Kora, Luxor, Fidelity (FMR), D1 Capital, Baillie Gifford, Mirae, Steadview, and Ant Financial.

  1. Real spirit comes from competitions.

Zomato is having Swiggie who is also backed by some great brains and huge fundings they are managing things and trying to improve their service but the tech future and the new arriving competitors will be able to tell the real future of all the food delivery startups.

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