Priceline Becomes First Travel Brand to Participate in Amazon’s Prime Day has announced its partnership with popular travel booking site Priceline, marking the first time an online travel agency has participated in the annual shopping extravaganza known as Prime Day.

With retail spending experiencing a slowdown, Amazon aims to diversify its offerings by providing exclusive travel deals to boost its Prime membership sign-ups.

This collaboration presents an opportunity for travel companies, such as Priceline, to fill hotel rooms and capitalize on the continued spending by U.S. consumers on travel experiences.

Prime Day Deals

During the highly anticipated July 11-12 Prime Day event, Amazon will extend a 48-hour bonanza of discounts and promotions to its U.S. Prime members.

Among the deals, subscribers will be able to avail an additional 20% off on Priceline’s Hotel Express deals, which already offer substantial discounts of up to 60% on hotels.

Amazon, the nation’s largest retailer by market value, recognized the potential in partnering with Priceline, a unit of Booking Holdings (BKNG.O), to further enhance its offerings and cater to the growing demand for travel-related services.

Priceline: A Pioneer in Exclusive Prime Day Deals

Amazon proudly announced that Priceline is the first travel brand to collaborate with the e-commerce giant, providing an exclusive Prime Day deal for U.S. customers.

Priceline has already been advertising its services across Amazon’s portfolio of streaming and audio products, making it a natural fit for this partnership.

Lesley Klein, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Priceline, emphasized the importance of meeting customers where they are and acknowledging the significant overlap between Amazon’s customer base and travelers who use Priceline for their bookings.

The Resilience of Travel Spending

Despite a slowdown in overall retail spending, the travel sector has remained resilient as U.S. consumers continue to prioritize experiences such as travel.

According to research firm Tourism Economics, travel spending as of May 2023 had risen by 5.5% year-to-date.

In comparison, U.S. government data reveals that spending on goods only increased by 2% during the same period, while overall services spending saw an impressive 8% growth in May compared to the previous year.

Hotel Demand and the Prime Day Opportunity

While travel spending has generally been strong, hotel demand experienced a decline in May, dipping below pre-pandemic levels for the third consecutive month, according to the U.S. Travel Association.

The partnership between Amazon and Priceline during Prime Day presents a valuable opportunity for both companies to reignite the interest in hotel bookings.

By offering attractive discounts and exclusive deals, the collaboration aims to entice consumers to take advantage of reduced rates and revitalize the hospitality industry.

Booking Holdings and Amazon’s Ongoing Collaboration

Booking Holdings, the parent company of Priceline, has previously collaborated with Amazon on Prime Day deals.

For instance, provided Prime members in Germany and Austria with travel credits and discounts that can be used until the following year.

This ongoing partnership demonstrates the shared commitment of both companies to create mutually beneficial promotions and tap into the massive customer base that Amazon Prime offers.

Amazon’s Prior Attempt and Future Prospects

Several years ago, Amazon made an initial foray into the hotel booking industry with Amazon Destinations.

However, despite its efforts, the service was discontinued only a few months after its launch. Nonetheless, the collaboration with Priceline indicates that Amazon has not given up on the travel sector.

Instead, the company has recognized the value of partnering with established industry players like Priceline to deliver exceptional travel deals and experiences to its vast customer base.

The partnership between Amazon and Priceline on Prime Day represents a groundbreaking collaboration between an e-commerce giant and a renowned online travel agency.

As travel spending continues to rise, the inclusion of exclusive travel deals during this major shopping event offers an enticing opportunity for U.S. consumers to book their next travel experiences at discounted rates.

By diversifying its offerings and expanding into the travel industry, Amazon aims to enhance its Prime membership benefits and attract more customers, while Priceline leverages the widespread popularity of Amazon to fill hotel rooms and boost its own business.

With this partnership, both companies aim to create a win-win situation that benefits customers and revitalizes the travel and hospitality sectors.

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