4 Ways of Inflation cause-effect Revelation | price fluctuation in the economy

inflation | price rise

Like everything in the universe is run by some magical (as some people believe that way, not all) powers, everything in the economy is run by the increased or decreased level of inflation. When you were a teenager then you must be fond of some chocolates. Let’s assume your favorite chocolate was Cadbury dairy milk … Read more

How SEBI’s new marginal rules, affecting on trader’s and investor’s profit-loss???

sebi | securities exchange board of india | new margin rules | september 2020 | december 2021

The securities and exchange board of India (SEBI), is the regulatory body for the money market and derivatives market (also called a commodity market) for the Indian stock exchange. The organization is accountable for maintaining the Indian stock exchange, safe for retail investors. SEBI’s new marginal rules notified on the first of September 2020, will … Read more

7 reason’s to love ola electric scooter | world’s largest electric scooter company

ola | ola electric scooter | startup | economy | Indian ecosystem

If you’re an electronic vehicle lover or who aspires to be the one he’s going to fall for these super special scooters soon to be launched by ola because of their amazing features, people r going to call it pulsar of charging vehicles in the near future so let’s see what are so special special … Read more