Meta Verified Badge now Affordable and Attainable in India

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has recently introduced its Meta Verified subscription model in India, expanding its availability beyond the initial release in the UK and Canada.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, announced the launch of Meta Verified on his Instagram Channel, revealing that Brazil would soon follow suit.

The subscription service aims to enhance authenticity, security, and user experience on the social media platforms.

This article explores the features of Meta Verified, its pricing structure in India, and the advantages it offers to subscribers.

Meta Verified Price in India

Meta Verified is priced at Rs 599 per month for users who subscribe through the web (Facebook only). On Android and iOS, the subscription fee increases to Rs 699 per month.

Subscription Requirements for verified Badge to FB, Instagram

To be eligible for a Meta Verified subscription, users must fulfill certain requirements set by the company. These criteria include having prior experience using Facebook or Instagram, a minimum number of posts, being at least 18 years of age, and providing a government-issued ID with a matching name and photo on their Facebook/Instagram account.

Advantages of Meta Verified

Similar to Twitter Blue subscription, Meta Verified offers several advantages to its subscribers. Mark Zuckerberg emphasizes that the primary goal of Meta Verified is to increase authenticity and security across Meta’s services.

One of the key benefits is the Meta Verified badge, which protects verified users from impersonation. Moreover, subscribers gain access to real customer support instead of automated bots.

Meta Verified subscribers also enjoy enhanced content visibility and expanded reach. By paying the monthly subscription fee, users’ content is more likely to appear frequently in people’s feeds, search results, and comments. This increased visibility can be valuable for individuals and businesses seeking to grow their online presence.

Additionally, subscribers are rewarded with exclusive stickers on Stories and Reels across Facebook and Instagram. Furthermore, where available, they receive 100 Stars per month on Facebook, allowing them to support other creators on the platform.

Meta Verified is now available in India, following its successful launch in the UK and Canada. The subscription service, introduced by Meta, aims to foster authenticity and security on Facebook and Instagram.

By offering benefits such as protection against impersonation, real customer support, increased content visibility, and exclusive features, Meta Verified provides an enhanced user experience for subscribers.

As Meta continues to expand its reach and introduce new features, it is crucial for users to understand the implications and benefits of subscribing to Meta Verified.

Similarly, Twitter’s Blue subscription, which offers similar benefits, has its own pricing structure globally, including in India where it costs ₹900 per month for Android and iOS devices, ₹650 per month for the web, and offers annual subscriptions at ₹6,800 on the web and ₹9,400 on iOS and Android devices.

These subscription models provide users with enhanced features and support, giving them greater control over their social media experience.

The introduction of Meta Verified subscription in India, along with its pricing structure, is set to have a significant impact on the authenticity, security, and user experience on Facebook and Instagram. By offering exclusive features, increased content visibility, and protection against impersonation, Meta aims to provide a more secure and engaging platform for its subscribers.

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