How Rakul Preet Singh is Making Waves in the Fitness, Film, and Tech Industries

Rakul Preet Singh, the renowned Indian actress and model, is more than just a pretty face. With a passion for fitness, films, food, and technology, Rakul has built an impressive entrepreneurial journey that goes beyond her acting career.

From investing in wellness startups to launching her own recruitment platform for aspiring actors, Rakul has proved herself to be a savvy businesswoman.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Rakul’s entrepreneurial journey and how she has managed to balance her passions for fitness, films, and technology with her business ventures.

Rakul Preet Singh is a well-known actor who is highly passionate about fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle.

She has been vocal about the importance of staying fit and maintaining a healthy body, and now she is extending her focus to the environment.

Rakul Preet Singh Co-founded New Boo

Rakul recently launched a new brand called New Boo, which aims to offer a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional baby diapers.

Rakul was motivated to launch New Boo after learning about the harmful impact of non-biodegradable diapers on the environment.

new boo diapers |
biodegradable diapers brand New Boo Co-founded by Rakul Preet Singh

It shocked her to find out that a single child requires around 6,000 non-biodegradable diapers until they reach three years of age, and these diapers can take years to decompose.

She saw an opportunity to create a brand that would offer a more sustainable and eco-friendly option for parents.

New Boo’s biodegradable and reusable diapers are designed to reduce the amount of waste generated by traditional disposable diapers.

By using New Boo, parents can make a positive impact on the environment without compromising on their child’s comfort or convenience.

Rakul firmly believes that fitness is not just about taking care of our bodies but also about taking care of the environment.

She hopes that her brand will inspire others to make more sustainable choices and help create a healthier planet for future generations.

Rakul’s fitness entrepreneurial journey

As someone who is passionate about fitness, it’s no surprise that Rakul has invested in the gym industry.

However, her journey hasn’t been without its challenges. Post-COVID, Rakul’s F45 gym struggled to stay afloat, and it took months before they could reopen.

Despite this setback, Rakul remains dedicated to fitness and working out is a way of life for her. She encourages others to make small changes to their daily routines to stay active, even if they can’t find the time to join a gym.

Rakul’s fitness journey has also led her to invest in wellness startups the Wellbeing Nutrition, a food nutrition venture. The startup offers personalized nutrition plans based on customers’ DNA and health goals, and Rakul is proud to support a company that prioritizes individualized health and wellness.

Rakul’s entrepreneurial ventures

Apart from her passion for fitness, Rakul has also ventured into the world of technology and films. In 2021, she launched an app called StarringYou, which is a recruitment platform for aspiring actors.

The app currently has over 20,000 users, and Rakul plans to partner with a company to create self-sustaining content that will include films and short films. She also plans to produce smaller films and advertising, casting those who have been part of the StarringYou family.

This will create jobs for those who are part of the platform, making it a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Rakul’s interest and investments in sports

Sports is another area of focus for Rakul, who invested in the Hyderabad team of Tennis Premier League (TPL) in 2019. She has always been sports-inclined, having played various sports during her childhood as an army kid.

Rakul believes that apart from cricket, there are very few sports in which there are opportunities for younger kids. She also feels that we should stop calling sports and other creative arts extracurricular activities, as they are just as important as academics.

Rakul believes in building a life you don’t need a vacation from, and prioritizing the activity the child is passionate about is equally important.

Rakul Preet Singh’s entrepreneurial journey is an inspiration for anyone looking to pursue their passions beyond their primary career.

Her passion for fitness, films, food, technology, and sports has led her to invest in various startups, launch her own recruitment platform, and invest in a sports team. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Rakul has managed to stay focused on her goals and continue to grow her business ventures.

Her journey serves as a reminder that success comes to those who are willing to take risks and pursue their passions.

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