About EconomyHut

Hi dear reader,

First of all thank you, For visiting Economyhut and for helping us, in becoming a better platform.

Let us talk a bit about us at the Economy Hut,

Initially, all the writing at the EconomyHut started with a side hassle for us, as we all were very much interested in the working of the stock exchange and wanted to learn and earn some penny profit from my little investment.

This “learning experience” gave me some valuable insights which we used to share with all my friends and family members. But most of them used to be fearful to implement all I discussed.

As everyone used to recall ads ending notice “stock markets are subject to market risk and invest money only after thorough analysis.”

But I used to think if we are learning something we tend to make some mistakes but it doesn’t make something dark or bad learning directly. So, we all used to say learn with experience and patience and implement with time and strategies.

Some of my friends and relatives used to listen to my suggestion and work according but some started keeping a safe distance from me.

This was funny to me because I was somehow helping them to grow their financial knowledge but they are being fearful of me.

To solve this issue we all decided to work extensively at this blog EconomyHut along with some like-minded people.

As we all like to convey all our knowledge of the economy in general and finance in particular to everyone we could meet, and talk to during the course of our Life.

“Everyone wants it but very few people are interested in understanding it’s working“, this term is generally referred to money, but what if this issue is resolved with some interesting case studies, stories, unbiased opinions, and facts through your questions(in the form of Google searches) and our answers.

Welcome dear readers,

we are a small team of infopreneurs, who likes converting facts and numbers into simple and interesting case studies and interactive stories.

We are a team of young graduates from different walks of life and education but we have one common goal to make economic issues easy to understand.

We hope to solve all your questions, doubts, and concerns which might come to your mind during the day-to-day life journey.

So we will try to address each and every small to biggest and simple to complex concept or issue through our small knowledge hut platform which we have named “Economy Hut”.

We have tried to reach the maximum number of readers and viewers by connecting on all the digital platforms like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram and we are planning to expand it to more platforms too in the near future.

We chose to show our presence on multiple platforms because we wanted to share our knowledge with all possible readers and viewers. So that, more and more people will be aware and get interested in the economy as a subject of Life.

We like to express our knowledge and experience in such a way that if any five years of kid, who might be reading this blog can easily understand all the terminologies of economy and finance and that kid should be eager to know something new about economy and finance every day.

We have the vision to share all our knowledge, experience, and expertise with everyone from a five-year kid to our 90-year-old grandparents, who might have started accidentally learning new things in Economics and who all want to grow in their life with this little knowledge and information we are able to share with them.

We always try to make the best use of our skills to make the presentation of our knowledge free and easy to understand to everyone Irrespective of the age group.

If you have any questions, queries, suggestions, shout out, requests, or help for anything related to Economics and finance we would be always ready and happy to listen and connect to you through all the social media handles mentioned above and through the mail here.

Feel free to say anything as we like to learn and grow and help everyone who comes across the hurdles of any Economy related terms in Life.