7 reason’s to love ola electric scooter | world’s largest electric scooter company

If you’re an electronic vehicle lover or who aspires to be the one he’s going to fall for these super special scooters soon to be launched by ola because of their amazing features, people r going to call it pulsar of charging vehicles in the near future so let’s see what are so special special features of ola eclectic scooters which are fascinating all around the globe.

1)for making any electronic vehicle run it needs to continue charging and already there’s a global shortage of electricity, so to come over this issue Ola has come up with the world’s largest electric supercharging network with 100,000 charging points within 400 cities Across India.

2)the Ola company acquired Netherland-based electric scooter company etergo BV to acquire all their technological advances into the electric scooter they are going to launch soon in the market.

3) The project is quite huge and courageous to ola and its business partners like soft Bank’s global future fund and as per some estimates, it will cost around $ 2 billion within the next 5 years.

4)The eco-friendly goal of Bhavish Agarwal is to have one eco-friendly goal of making electronic vehicles also called EVs accessible and adoptable by completing the World’s densest two-wheeler charging stations.

5) Though Elon Musks Tesla and Chinese firm neo are rapidly growing their EVs vehicle projects globally ola is very ambitious about their Electronic vehicles.

6) The hypercharge by ola is going to be one fasting charging station in the EV 2 wheeler industry with an estimated 50% charging in just 18 mins which can be sufficient up to 75 km as per the company’s data.

7)The ola future factory which is being built in Tamil Nadu at its record speed will complete its first phase by summer 2021 with the investment of 2,400 cr on a 500-acre land with these aggressive company plans company is planning to keep the prices aggressive so that everyone can easily afford the EV easily.

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